Astroknocks Productions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: “Will the voice tag that plays over the instrumentals in the store also be in the tracks I purchase?”
A: The voice tag is added for our store's protection against music piracy. Rest assured, once you make a purchase, you will receive your instrumentals without the audio watermark.

Q: “When will I receive my product?”
A: Immediately after completing your store checkout, you will receive an email containing a download link.

Q: “What should I do if I haven't received my product download link after my purchase?”
A: If you haven't received your download link, please don't worry. Just reach out to us via our contact page and we will ensure you receive your file(s) as soon as possible.

Q: “Can I resell a beat that I got from”
A: No, you cannot. Before making a purchase, please carefully read the terms of the license you are buying to ensure you abide by the guidelines of your lease or purchase.

Q: “Is there a discount if I purchase more than one beat / instrumental at a time?”
A: Yes, there is. In the store, you will find a drop-down menu with various license purchase options. You will see discounted prices for multiple items. If you contact us, we can even customize a package to suit your specific needs.

Q: “If I have an issue with my file(s) after downloading them and I decide that I would like a different one, can I get another beat for free and just not use the first one I received?”
A: Unfortunately, we cannot offer exchanges or returns for digital downloads. However, if there is an issue with the actual files, we will gladly replace them with the same title.

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